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Download your very own copy of
the 1965-1970 Era photo taken at Celebrate50! Reunion in Orlando!

This photo has been graciously donated by Geoff Garcia
to Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network.

Note: Above photo is lo-rez and has a watermark across it to render it unusable. The actual photo is hi-rez and without the large watermark.

Disclaimer: By purchasing this photo, you agree to use it for your personal use and not to share, email, post, or distribute it in any other manner. Image Copyright 2015 Geoff Garcia.


Please select one:

$15 Photo Download
Download a hi-rez photo of the 1965-1970 era.


$10 Chance ticket to win a 24 x 36 print
($175 estimated value)
Get a ticket for $10 for a chance to win a
beautiful 24 x 36 print of the photo (unframed).

** For every 25 people who buy a chance or combo ticket,
an additional print will be available to be won!

Get (1) hi-rez download of the 1965-1970 Era Photo
and (1) chance ticket to win the 24 x 36 print (unframed).


All money raised goes to helping alumni in need.
Your photo download purchase is tax-deductible.
Chance tickets are not tax-deductible.

Chance Rules:
Winners of the 24x36 Photo Chance will win a beautiful 24 x 36 print (unframed) of the 1965-1970 Era photo taken at Celebrate 50! Reunion in Orlando.

An additional 24 x 36 photo print will be added to be given away for every 25 people who buy combo tickets or photo downloads.

The drawings for the first set of 24 x 36 Photo prints will be held on September 30, 2015. For every additional 25 people who purchase combo tickets or photo downloads after that date, another 24 x 36 Photo print drawing will be held (future date TBD. For more infomation, check back to this page). All subsequent future drawings will include everyone who has bought a combo ticket or photo download previously. There is only one winner for each print.

Chances of winning are based on the number of combo tickets and photo downloads purchased.

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