Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network (ROAAN)
The idea for Reach Out started at the “40 Years And Counting” (40YAC) 2005 Reunion in Tucson when the many of the 65-70 Era alumni were very dismayed to discover several former staff members and alumni had fallen on hard times.

In 2006, Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network was created as a fundraising organization to provide emergency assistance to the 23,000+ worldwide alumni who have fully completed a national touring cast program of Up With People (UWP), Sing Out (SO)1965-1967, Moral Rearmament (MRA) 1965-1968, or WorldSmart (WS) 2004-2006.

Reach Outís goal is to provide emergency support through financial aid, networking resources, and social services to those alumni in need who find themselves in special circumstances as homelessness, joblessness, or adverse medical difficulties.

To apply for assistance, please download and submit an application.
Note: All applications kept confidential.

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All donations are tax deductible and go to alumni in need.
Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network (Reach Out/ROAAN)


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