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Are you interested in becoming a Reach Out Board member,
or to be part of one of our committees to help alumni in need?
Please contact us at

Current Board Members:

Zan Diener, President (91E)
Michael Streppa, Vice President (87C)
Jennifer Doan, Secretary (98C)
Tracy Thornton, Treasurer (95A)

Members at Large:
Steve Colwell (65-67)
Patrick Walloch (67B)
Deborah Senft (67B)
Duane Conroy (68B)
Carole Karlein (68B)
Jackie Taylor-Sutton (68B)
Donna Reed (76A)
Geoff Garcia (83D)
Karin Nyquist (84D-Sweden)
Sharade Taylor (2011B-Bahamas)

Past Board Members:
Jean Bransford (66B, 67B, 68B, Latin Amer. Strike Force) 
Ann Buffington (67B, 70C, 71B) 
Catherine Bunch (67C, 68D, 69C, 70C) 
Tom Coulombe (68A) 
Donna Sherman Hansen (67B, 68B) 
Bonnie Knight (69B, 70B, 71A) 
Willie Knowles (70B, 71B, 71C, 72A, 73C, 74C) 
Shigeko Kondo (MRA, Sing-Out, 65A, 68B) 
Karen Lyons (84C) 
Dave Martin (68C, 69C, 70C) 
Jackie Ford Morie (66C) 
Ali Olmo (68C, 69C) 
John Parker (MRA, PACE, 65A) 
Patrice Pickering (71A) 
Cyddia Rodrigo (MRA, Sing-Out) 
Larry Schaer (73C, 74C, 75B)


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