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to apply for assistance:

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**All applications kept in strict confidence.**

What do I do if I am in need or I know
someone who is in need of assistance?

Reach Out has a simple application process. The first step
is to download one of the applications above (Word doc or PDF).  
After filling out information about your emergent need, and include two references, send the application back to Reach Out via email, fax or
postal mail. From there, the applications committee will
contact the alum in need for an interview and also contact
the two references. After all interviews are complete, the
applications committee will present the application to the
Reach Out board and they will vote on what assistance
Reach Out can provide.

Is the assistance offered only financial?
Reach Out also helps alumni in non-financial ways such
as finding 3rd-party services available that might provide
additional help with the alumni's needs, or organizing
alumni to alumni support. This type of support could
include matching the alumni in crisis with someone who
has been through a similar challenging situation, or
organizing alumni to alumni first hand support as work
parties, short term host families, or carpooling/medical
transportation. If you would like to join our CareNetwork, click here,

How can I help support the mission of Reach Out?
The three largest ways to help are to sign up for our
Care Network, give to help our alumni in need, and
to help us get the word out about Reach Out by liking,
and sharing our posts with your cast. So far, Reach Out
has not needed to turn anyone away based on a lack of
funding. If you would like to make a tax-deductible
gift to help alumni in need
, please go to the
Reach Out website and start a monthly donation or
give a one-time donation. Any amount you can give
will be appreciated and will go directly to helping
alumni in need.

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All donations are tax deductible and go to alumni in need.
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