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There are several ways you can help:

One-of-a-Kind UWP Wall Hanging


Support Reach Out by placing a bid on this unique UWP Wall Hanging.

Join our Care Network


Give your time and skills to help one-on-one with our alumni in need. We are specifically looking for alumni in the helping professions to help our alumni in need.

One-time Donation


Give a one-time tax-deductible gift to Reach Out.

Monthly Donation


Help us help alumni by giving a monthly donation.


United Way


Make Reach Out your charity of choice with United Way. Please contact your HR department to set this up.
Our 501(c)3 is #3154159.


Insurance Beneficiary


Make Reach Out your insurance beneficiary.
Our 501(c)3 is #3154159.


Help our UWP alumni in need. Join our Facebook group!

All donations are tax deductible and go to alumni in need.
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